About Max's Boutique


Anyone like me who has a passion for watches and wants to spend a few minutes looking at the site is welcome.

If you are looking for a watch and it is not in our collection, just ask, it will be a pleasure for me to help you with your search.



Since I was a child I have always been passionate about watches, I remember that I was anxiously awaiting the monthly release of the magazine "OROLOGI", at that time, around 1987, a friend of mine and I went to newsstands together, he bought the magazine "Quattroruote" who dealt with cars, and I bought "OROLOGI".

I remember that I read practically everything, I devoured it, and I stopped to try to understand how the movements worked, then I was fascinated by the "Reverso" by Jaeger Le Coultre, and the "Casablanca ”By Frank Muller, and also by the wonderful dials...

I judged purely based on an aesthetic factor and the basis of the complications of the movements.

Ironically, growing up, the randomness of life made my job become that of selling cars.

I continued to follow the world of watchmaking, and when I could I bought some watches, they were no longer my main passion, they had been overshadowed by my passion for cars, until, one beautiful summer day in 2018, I had the opportunity to meet a person, indeed, the term "a character" better defines it, and it is thanks to him that I approached the world of vintage.

For about 25 years I have always had contemporary watches, I was not interested in vintage, instead, from that encounter in my head something clicked, a click that changed my taste in watches, and it was then that I decided to brush up on my old passion for watches, also because I reached my venerable age...I felt the need to do a job that fascinated me and that at the same time entertained me.

Max's Boutique is a site that collects for the most part the watches I have purchased during my life, some of them are on sale, others are not, while others are the new entries that enrich my collection every month.

Max's Boutique was born to share with people like me who have a passion for watches and for some objects that accompany us during our daily lives.

I wish you good navigation 🙂